Mentalist and Magician

From small town to National stage, Matthew Teague is a world class, award winning American magician originally from Roswell, New Mexico. He is currently based out of Madison, Wisconsin. He has traveled the country performing at thousands of events. His Grandpa, a World War II vet and a semi-professional gambler had picked up a few tricks from another magician he had served with. Years later Matthew's grandpa passed his secrets onto him and the fascination grew.  He continued performing magic throughout high school. Matthew got his first magic job when he was 15, performing at TGI Fridays. His brother Ryan, one of the best flare bartenders in Madison, had landed him the gig. After high school Matthew got the opportunity to manage a magic shop in West Towne Mall in Madison. Bar management came next at a cigar bar called Hemingway's where he was drawing in new and interesting clientele with his bar magic. Soon he was performing regularly at the Safe House Novelty bar in Milwaukee where he stayed  for several years, seeing a wide variety of people and honing his craft.  During that time he decided to enter the World Magic Competition In Las Vegas.  He was a bar magician in Wisconsin and yet was able to  place in the World Competition. After he arrived home everything began to change. The confidence from receiving such a high honor led him to an open invitation to perform at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, a life-long dream. It was at "The Castle" where he was able to perform for celebrities like Rob and Carl Reiner. Matthew has always been an innovator and has had his ideas in the hands of some of the most famous magicians in the world. He has worked with David Blaine and was co-creator of David Copperfield's newest opening trick. His most recent accomplishments were three national TV appearances on Pop TV's show "Don't Blink". His performances received excellent ratings for the TV station. New and exciting things are continuously in the works, and with Matthew's modern and original approach he is sure to delight and amaze.

World Class Award Winning Magic in Madison Wisconsin

Matthew Teague

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